Jenna Jameson – Red Hot Motorcycle Mama

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jenna Jameson loves the power of heavy machinery between her legs and her favorite thing, by far, is the power and the rumble of a big bike. It gets her so hot and horny that she strips off the few clothes she has on. It feels so much better to be naked, rubbing her bare wet little slit against all that black leather on the seat.

She wants to make love to the bike and leave it wet with her flowing cunt juices. She would love to see a nice strong man come around to give her some added attention while riding the bike or leaning against the bike or just sitting on the bike. He won’t need a helmet to take this hot slut for a ride. All he needs is a whole lot of stamina, and, of course, a cock big enough to be her perfect dipstick.

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Jenna Jameson Is the Pinball Wizardess

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jenna Jameson finds pinballs to be very sexy. First, there’s that long thing you have to pull on to shoot the balls. Next, there are the balls themselves. And then, of course, the machine itself, which is just the right height to sit on for a good fucking, or to bend over in front of. The possibilities are endless, really.

Just thinking about it makes her take her clothes off, stripping down more and more as she feels your eyes on her, drinking in all that sexy hotness. She’s really hoping you’ll spread her legs wide and slide your tongue into her before going to town on her pulsing clitoris. After that, a good deep-balling fuck in her hungry cunt would be very nice, using the machine for leverage. If you do it right, you just might cause the machine to tilt.

Jenna Jameson Wants You To Fly with Her

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Everyone who flies can understand how frustrating it is when your flight is delayed. Jenna Jameson just found out she has two hours more to wait than she was expecting and she knows just how she would like to pass the time. Before you can say “Fly The Friendly Skies” the slutty little blonde is stripping her clothes off.

She isn’t too concerned with who sees her. She just knows her cunt is in serious need of some deep dicking action and having orgasms is an awesome way to pass the time. When she bends over so invitingly, and spreads her lusciously moist pussy lips apart, who can resist the urge to slam some hard cock or hungry tongue deep into that warm slit.

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Jenna Jameson and Krystal Steal Get it On

Thursday, August 16, 2012

When Jenna Jameson wants to fly the friendly skies, she wants to do that with Krystal Steal. The two hot women waste no time in taking off all the clothing that is in the way, preventing them from getting a proper hold on each other. Jenna is particularly hungry for Krystal, and just loves her crotchless and assless fishnet stockings. It makes her mouth water when Krystal fingers her cunt and Jenna wastes no time getting her tongue deep in all that golden cooze.

Krystal is so thankful after the mind blowing orgasm that Jenna gives her that Jenna goes after her again, flipping Krystal back onto her head and shoulders so she can really stuff her tongue inside that beautiful cunt before finger banging Krystal through a few more mind-blowing climaxes.

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Jenna Jameson is One Hot Biker Chick

Saturday, August 4, 2012

These pictures of Jenna Jameson are smoking! Wearing only a bandanna, sexy hot leather boots, and a barely-there tank top, she is one hot honey looking for some action. Her perky breasts could use some mouth attention. I bet I could get her nipples thumping good! And when she lays back and spreads her legs, man, that is some hot action right there.

Her sweet pink pussy looks really hungry for some deep thrusting action and I bet you’re just the guy to do it. I know my cock is ready to help the lady out, too! It’s really only the gentlemanly thing to do when a cunt is in this much need of attention!

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Jenna Jameson Boobs and Boots on the Stairs

Monday, December 19, 2011

When Jenna Jameson stands on the fancy staircase barely dressed and expertly balanced on stiletto heel boots, she commands attention and no one will be able to tear their eyes away.

The busty blonde babe is a master at melting hearts and conjuring naughty fantasies and this image set proves that she can do it with just one stare. She radiates sexual heat and all who look upon her are willing to risk the burn to get that close.

Jenna opens her faux fur shrug and lowers her lacy bra cups to set her firm tits free. She licks her lips and flutters her long lashes while beckoning you to indulge in the dirty dream.
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Jenna Jameson Retro Sex Appeal

Monday, December 12, 2011

Jenna Jameson wears a short sandy blonde wig and blue butterfly barrette as she settles onto a funky chair and begins her quest for seduction.

Extending her long legs up into the air with her chunky high heels pointing to the ceiling, your eyes will be drawn to the satin paisley-patterned fabric covering her crotch and Jenna knows it.

Switching positions, Jenna pops out her big boobs and then pulls her panties up between her shaved pussy lips. She flosses her cooch and excites her horny clit.
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Jenna Jameson Naked Brunette With a View

Monday, December 5, 2011

Jenna Jameson invites you to join her in a room with a great view, but we don’t mean the mountains and big blue sky outside the window. The scenery of the sex star stripping is quite an eyeful all on its own!

Jenna starts out bringing just one beautiful big boob out of her pink and black bra and sensually progresses to two exposed tits and then her fine ass too.

Showing off her heartbreaker tattoo and bending down to hug her ankles with her panties around her knees and hot bald pussy unveiled, Jenna eye-fucks the camera and continues her steamy seduction.
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Jenna Jameson Delicious Boobs and Denim Boots

Monday, November 28, 2011

Jenna Jameson really gives her fans so much to be thankful for. She never skimps on serving up a heaping helping of hotter than Hell poses and tasty body shots.

Feast your eyes on the buxom blonde as she struts around in thigh high denim boots, playing with her long hair and flaunting her extraordinary breasts.

A skimpy pair of panties tie at her hips and gloves are worn over her talented hands as she flirts with the camera and creates quite an attractive bit of scenery for you to lust over.
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Jenna Jameson Colorful Makeup and Hot Body

Monday, November 21, 2011

When you are professional porn star, Jenna Jameson, it is perfectly okay to go a little heavy on the makeup and wear your hair up and untamed. In fact, Jenna Jameson can pretty much do whatever she wants because her sexy looks cannot be lessened. She just keeps getting better!

It’s obvious that the busty blonde likes to get attention and she will definitely have it as she parts her glossy pink mouth and strips out of her tropical print bra and panties. Wearing bright feathers on her wrist, she flaunts her juicy tits and then turns to present her tight ass.
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Jenna Jameson Provocative in Pink

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hardcore pornstar, Jenna Jameson, keeps things soft and sexy as she poses solo for this classy pictorial.

Wearing a pretty pink bra and panty set with sweater and matching hat, Jenna stands confidently in her silver boots and works her magic without ever having to undress.

Jenna is the sort of woman who has such an attractive allure that she can seduce without ever having to get naked. She invites you to enjoy the view of her breathtaking body and suggestive poses.
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Jenna Jameson Gets Wild for the West

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dreamy blonde vixen, Jenna Jameson, looks like she is trying to lure in the cowboys and Indians with her hot body and fringed leather top.

Her tight jeans show off her curves to perfection as she seats herself at the bar and brings down her top to unveil her big tits. She runs her fingers through her wavy blonde locks and peels out of denim to reveal her hot butt and pierced cooch, but she leaves her western boots on.

Jenna better be on the look out for lassos because any guy who sees her is going to want to rope her in close!
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Jenna Jameson Treats You to a Strip

Monday, October 31, 2011

This year for Halloween, we will not be spooking you with something ghoulish. Instead we treat you to someone who is the ultimate gorgeous – Jenna Jameson!

Ring this babe’s bell and you will get something much better than candy because she will give you a sweet strip and show of her decadent body in the buff.

Jenna wears an open jacket over her black bra and thong. She soon shrugs it off and pulls her panties aside on the stairs so that you can enjoy her pretty pussy. The blonde goddess whips her hair around and brings out her big boobs too.
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Jenna Jameson Topless in Jeans

Monday, October 24, 2011

Brunette hair, bright red lips, and a lime green wrap make Jenna Jameson stand out even more than usual for these exotic appeal images.

Wearing a pair of tight jeans and leaning up against a dog statue, Jenna has her big breasts on display and a look of sexual expectation in her eyes. It’s as though she is waiting for you to walk around the corner where she can surprise you with her exposure and lure you into a moment of unrestrained passion as strangers never to meet again.
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Jenna Jameson Dildos in Blue Light

Monday, October 17, 2011

There is a blue tone to these sexy Jenna Jameson images and it sets an extra erotic feeling to an already arousing gallery.

Jenna shows her juicy tits popping out of a white top with a blue cross necklace hanging low in her mouthwatering cleavage. There is something extra hot and rebellious about a religious symbol being involved in such a sinful package. Her body may look like Heaven but there is nothing angelic about Jenna as she plunges a glass dildo deep up into her wet cooch!
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